I joined Armageddon Fit 3 months ago, I've been a member of numerous gyms and fitness organisations and even became a very proficient triathlete.
Over the last 4 years I've trained less and less and in general my fitness and diabetes have suffered due predominatly to the fact that keeping in shape is very difficult to do and going to the gym can be a dull and depr
essing experience.
For me to train for something or with someone you have to believe in them and add to that if you end up forcing yourself to do something its no fun and without the proper help and guidance the outcomes are sometimes not what you expect.
Let's just say I've trained a lot and worked with numerous different people and organisations, I'm not saying that there advice is incorrect just it hasn't inspired me to really achieve anything or opend me eyes to anything new.
Stu doesn't just read from a script, he's done it, his advice is helpful but inspiring and he's always offering encouragement on a daily basis to others via facebook or other media to keep you on track. His training sessions are dynamic and challenging which keep you coming back and even looking forward to what's coming next.
The results have been amazing, I'm happier training than I ever have been and I'm well on track and even looking into other areas of activity which I never would have previously.

Thanks Stu & everyone at Armageddon Fit:)

Gary Blakie
"I've been working with Armageddon Fit for a few weeks now to help improve my fitness and to get me prepared for my fight coming up.  I've been put through my paces everytime I attend, sometimes having nothing left, but Stuart encourages me and helps me believe I can achieve my goals.  Best thing I've done is attend his sessions.  Would recommend to anyone, cheers mate top draw stuff!"
Martin Dawes


"Having reached almost fifty three years of age and 24 stone in weight I knew I had to do something fast.  Lifting huge weights and running miles on treadmills did not appeal to me so when Stuart told me he would personally train me with specifically designed routines coupled with nutritional advice and guidance I decided to give it a go.  That was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  Three months down the line I have dropped two stone in weight and my fitness level has increased dramatically!  Armaggedon came to get me and I now look forward to  working out three times a week.  The training sessions are demanding but enjoyable and the motivation and encouragement provided by Stuart is second to none.  Armaggedon is perfect for people  who need motivation and encouragement (like me).  I would  highly recommend Stuarts professional training routines and nutritional guidance to anyone. Here’s to the next two stone off!"



"In just 6 months, I have lost 6 stone in total. When I first started at Bootcamp I will be honest, I thought I was going to pass out, I was that unfit but now I push myself further and harder than ever.
I put a large part of my success down to the support I get from Stu. He has shown me that I was putting up a load of mind barriers up for things I didn't think I could do. He showed me that my body can do anything I put my mind to.
The benefits you get over all other fitness classes and gyms is the fact you get a personal training plan and food plan tailored to you. If you cannot do something, Stu will work around whatever it is and support you all the way. He also does weekly food planners and four-weekly fitness tests so it’s like having weight watchers and your gym all in one with a bit extra support.

The support you get from the other Bootcampers is unreal. I have made new friends and a totally new support structure and this is all in 5-6 months. I can put my hand on my heart and say Bootcamp is one of the best things I have ever done and I will get to where I want to be and it will be due to the support and the way people at Armageddon Fit push me to my limit every morning at Bootcamp.
When I first started Bootcamp, I needed to rest after my first 6 minute workout and 6 months later, I ran a 5km run in 41 minutes. Not bad for someone who would get tired walking up the stairs back in January.
People hear words like ‘Bootcamp’ and ‘strength and conditioning training’ and think they will never be able to do something like that but take it from a man that was 34 stone back in October 2010 and is now 25 stone in July 2011, you need to start somewhere. Why not start training with the only trainer that was able to get me motivated enough to work out every week day for over 100 days?"

Anthony Hughes

"I would just like to say 'Thank God' for people like Stuart Roper!! What do i mean by this?  I'm a 35 year old lady with a disability called M.E. and i also have Fibromyalgia.  I have had a tough couple of years with my illnesses, i have lost my job, I felt like my whole life had been taken from me, I couldn't enjoy leisure time with my children, I'd lost a lot of strength in my body too.  It was then I went to see Stuart at Armageddon Fit to have a chat about my situation.  It was the best thing i ever did!!  He has helped me a lot.  I was unable to do any exercises before and was always 'pill popping' because of my pains, but with his help and understanding i am now able to exercise regularly!  This has lead to my stength and balance improving and i now feel next to no pain compared to how it was before Armageddon!
This is not just a job for Stuart, he is very passionate about what he does and he really wants to help people, people like me!  I would say to anyone who has given up on life due to illness or weight problems to give Armageddon a try, just pick up the phone or go in and see him, thats the hardest part!  He motivates you physically and mentally and makes you feel so much better about yourself.  I am very proud of myself for what i have achieved so far and can't praise Stuart highly enough!"

Suzanne Hall

"Armageddon fit, there really is too much to say about these guys, the main being that they changed my life. They have provided me with the support, the education and the motivation to reach my goals of losing weight and becoming fit. The training sessions are a collaboration of hard work and fun, often resulting in you pushing past your own limits. I have nothing but good words and praise to give to stu and susan...their training academy is the bees knees and i would go nowhere else. thanks guys"

Sarah Bankhead


Last winter was one of the worst seen and experienced in many ways. In particular it affected the regions football fixtures to such an extent that games were being cancelled almost every week during November, December and January.  As a result we had to look for other training methods in order to ensure that the players remained in peak condition following a good pre-sason and several games.  The answer - Armageddon Fit and Stuart Roper. After sitting down and explaining to Stuart our objectives he provided us with a fitness programme that exceeded everything we had hoped for. The programme he delivered was first class encompassing strength and conditioning training as well as cardio exercises to ensure the players remained at their peak levels of fitness through a very difficult time. Not only did he provide physical development but he also instilled belief and confidence within the team by regularly challenging the players when they thought they had nothing left to give. Without doubt the input and training provided by Stuart certainly contributed to a very succesful season for Ryhope CW U18. The players themselves thoroughly enjoyed this training regime, although having been present during some of the sessions I sometime doubted this but as the saying goes 'no pain, no gain'. That said the evidence shows that all the players are still going to Stuart for bespoke team performance training and as a management team we can see the benefits week in and week out. I would most certainly recommend Armageddon Fit Training to anyone and in particular to the development of any team sport. Stuart will address your individual or team needs and develop what is a very professional service by a wholly committed guy. From all at Ryhope CW U18's thanks very much for all your help, assistance and support.

Kind regards 

M. Young (Assisstant Manager)

Ryhope CW under 18's