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No More Bootcamps & Fitcamps

posted 11 May 2013, 09:54 by stu roper   [ updated 11 May 2013, 15:13 ]

Ok, so, I sat down to write a quick blog (my first ever infact) & thought I would just write a quick note about the new metafit craze or something..

Then thinking about it, my mind quickly wandered to the bootcamp business....the business that has been a big part of my life for the past 3 years.  The business that I put my heart & soul into, infact last year alone I only had 6 days off work! 6 DAYS!!!
See, at our bootcamps, I monitor everyone regularly, fitness test, weigh & measure them every 4 weeks, so that we both can see the improvements they are getting & to set new goals & targets.  In my opinion this keeps them motivated.  At the very beginning I had a vision in my head of what I wanted to amazing team, who help each other, support one another & best of all who motivate each other when they need it most, when they feel like they cant give anymore, when they think they dont have anything left & want to give up....whos there? I am as their trainer & everyone else is as their team member, their friend, their little armageddon fit family!!  At Armageddon Fit, we dont judge, we support...I dont have to ask people to do this, they treat everyone as they are treated & in my opinion.... they are the most INCREDIBLE people & every single one of them are a credit to themselves and to our team!

Anyway im running off track here, as im sure you read in the header...NO MORE bootcamps & fitcamps.....yes, you read that right!!  The longer time goes on, the more new trainers I see, the more 'bootcamps' that set up the more & more I find myself thinking....THIS ISNT ME!  This isnt why I started in the fitness industry, although im sure most trainers & 'bootcamps' are great.....(I have always said, if you are happy with a trainer & you are getting results then they are worth every penny you pay them ( however much or little that may be)), im hearing & seeing some grim goings on.  'Trainers' ripping off classes such as metafit, teaching 'insanity' classes by buying the dvds (instead of becoming officially qualified) & rolling them out to people who pay & more importantly place their trust & safety in them!  Competing with each others instead of remembering why they got into this (or should have) in the first help people, to help them change their lives.

I dont want my business to be associated with any of this.  Firstly ... when we opened back in 2010 we ran 'indoor bootcamps' (we have the luxury of being able to train outside too when its sunny).  We thought these 'indoor bootcamps' were a brilliant idea not only for the great British weather, but for those who werent comfortable training in public & also it gave us great leaverage on varying workouts as we have a fully stocked gym to help us out.  Now the overheads are phenominal compared to a field or carpark, but it was worth taking the risk in our eyes & if we got the pricing right (as i believe we have) it could just work. 
Secondly, many of these 'bootcamps' that are about dont offer QUALIFIED nutritional advice, which if you are wanting to make major changes is imperative you get some good nutrition to support your training.  I again wanted to go that one step further, with weekly food diaries that everyone fill in & we then have a one to one chat about any changes that need to be worked on....again, its a major factor getting the right advice! 

On top of this every 4 weeks I privately test every client on various fitness exercises & also check all measurements & check their weight, body fat percentage, metabolic age etc.  Basically they are extremely well led & as their trainer, the person they have entrusted that to, its my job to carry this out to my best ability.  Along side this they have a private informal chat to see how they are & to help them with anything they may need & generally encourage them & praise their hard work.

We are an EXCLUSIVE training academy, we limit each class or training group so that we have a MAXUMUM 15 PER TRAINER, this way we can GUARANTEE RESULTS & they learn the techniques & exercises so much faster, which in turn gets them more confidence & quicker results, but most importantly greatly reduces risk of injury in this closely monitored environment.
Look at me, im going off track again, what im trying to say is I should never have called this type of training an 'indoor bootcamp' is clearly so much more!  The vast array of equipment, the close trainer/client ratio, the nutritional advice, the food diaries, fitness testing, team you may have realised I could go on & on about how different we really are. 
In short (lol) with this said we are NO LONGER an 'indoor ficamp/ bootcamp'!!
What we offer will be known as 'TOTAL PACKAGE TRAINING'.  Same great price as the 'bootcamp' with all of the perks of personal training!  It should always have been this, unfortunatley it has taken me to witness with my own eyes how totally diffent we are from a 'bootcamp' & even more disappointingly how bad some of these 'bootcamps' are run.  ARMAGEDDON FIT TOTAL PACKAGE TRAINING, setting the training standard!