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We are an exclusive training academy providing a professional, friendly and motivational service to people who are serious about becoming fitter, increasing muscle mass or losing weight in order to create a healthier balanced lifestyle!

Team Armageddon Fit with ITV1's Biggest Loser 2012 Winner Kevin McLernon who trained with us in the run up to his famous victory
About Me

My name is Stuart Roper, I lead a very active lifestyle and dedicate my life to fitness.  I am very excited and proud to now own my own training academy, our family run business
where I provide personal fitness training, weight loss guidance and nutrition advice
Our training academy is based in Southwick Industrial Estate, Riverside Road and hours of work vary depending on clients requirements/needs and I am able to work 7 days a week.  As a professional kickboxer and currently the BFKKO Northern Area Full Contact Champion and former WUMA English Champion, I know first hand exactly how fitness and health impact on performance.  I have been in the health and fitness industry for many years, training with many different coaches and personal trainers and I have a excellent knowledge of a wide variety of training methods and also what type of training would suit each individual, depending on the desired results. I am here to guide you through your fitness/weightloss journey, with my knowledge and leadership together with your effort and determination i will guarantee you results that surpass what you ever thought you were capable of. 
Dont delay any longer, your new lifestyle is waiting for you .......

What I can do for you

As a personal trainer I will give you that extra help and motivation you may require, whether you are training for a specific event, just starting out, bored with your current training routine or need specific training because of an injury.  Not only will the exercise be great for you and improve your health and lifestyle, but I will make it fun and give you the confidence to be able to reach your goals - what ever they may be.  As a qualified nutritionist I will be here to help & support you on your journey.
I work with men and women of all age groups and fitness ability levels on a one-to-one basis.  Clients training with  me have been able to boast 7 inches lost off their waist in four weeks, 1 stone lost in four weeks on top of dramatic improvements to their strength and fitness, to name but a few!!  You also have the option to train with a friend or partner, in which case you can enjoy the added support of a buddy as well as lower rates.
For some people starting out with exercise can be a daunting thing, so much so that they keep putting it off.  However, with a non judgemental trainer always there to help you, most people are surprised with how much they are actually capable of.
We have everything that you will need to train hard, all you need is trust in me and some water!


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