Products and Services

I provide the following services, please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or to book your sessions today:

One to One Personal Training

One on one personal training sessions in my Armageddon Fit Academy based in riverside road
One-one is a totally private session where you will work with me, have my full attention making sure that you're being monitored, motivated & supported at all times. This will include a free initial consultation with yourself to establish your exact goals, aims or intentions.  It will allow me to develop an action/session plan which will be designed to meet your needs specifically and allow both of us to monitor and view results, so we both see the benefits and good work you are achieving.  These sessions will be tailored to suit your individual needs whether it be weight loss, inch loss, muscle building, improving cardiovascular endurance, toning, injury rehabilitation or training for an upcoming event.  

Semi-Private Training

Simlar to the one to one training on offer but allows groups of between 2 - 6 people at a time.  Train with friends, family, colleagues or other like minded people.  These cheaper yet tailored classes are ideal if you need the help & support for less money.  You can either book up with a friend or 2 or book in on these sessions alone & be put into a small, intimate, yet very supportive group.  You are still monitored individually & set your own goals, you just work in groups with friendly support... alot of people actually prefer these sessions as everyone is there for the same reason & help support each other.  Due to high interest in these sessions book early to avoid dissapointment !

Total Package Training

Indoor group training sessions 6:15 - 7am monday, wednesday and friday; 9:15am - 10:00am monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday; and 6:00pm - 7:00pm monday, wednesday and friday are open to both male and female
customers. These are held at my own venue - Armageddon Fit Training Academy. 
Come and train with us, kickstart your days with our ultimate wake up call without the hassle of depressing frost or torrential rain.  A great way to begin or end your day, fill yourself with energy ready to tackle whatever the day ahead brings, or burn that excess energy left over from the working day.  Our clients are enjoying amazing results because of our training techniques and healthy eating plan.  We have a 50 year old lady, Julie, lost 7 inches from her waist in JUST 4 weeks,  Anthony, 24, lost 1 stone in JUST 4 weeks, Brian, 52, lost 8 pounds in JUST 4 weeks, Sarah, 20, lost 1 stone in JUST 4 weeks and these are just their first month results!!  Do you need to lose that extra unwanted weight and have little time to spare?  Then get a headstart on the rest and get in touch today!!
This will also include nutritional advice for the participants and 24 hour support (if required)


Sunday Morning 10am see's the Academy open its doors to everyone who wants to spar!!  You dont have to be into competing, or have any interest in fighting to enjoy this session!  The idea of this class is to help improve your fitness in a way that you would never normally train.  It teaches you discipline, self control, improves confidence and most importantly improves your fitness.  You also get the chance to watch some of the more experienced kickboxers and boxers go toe to toe at a higher pace!  Everyone is matched up evenly and nobody gets hurt.  Its a controlled and friendly environment for people to improve their fitness or techniques!